Return policy

Thanks or buying our products.

The process we've invented to keep your feet warm (or cool) is based on the heat pump principle - a thermodynamic cycle, just like in your air conditioner. It takes just a few minutes of walking or running before the temperature starts to rise on one side of the sole and fall on the other. Our insoles have been independently tested by laboratories that have clearly demonstrated a rise in temperature on the hot side and a decrease on the cold side. However, the foot is the part of the body with the fewest thermal sensors, so because of the time it takes for the thermodynamic cycle to start up, the temperature change is very gradual, and some people may feel neither the temperature rise on the warm side nor the drop on the cold side. We recommend that you continue to use our insoles for several hours, as the thermal effect can then be felt in winter either as warming or as the absence of cooling, and in summer either as cooling or as the absence of heating. If, in spite of this, some people do not feel any thermal comfort, we accept, in the 30 days following your purchase to take back your insoles, even once they've been cut, and refund them to you. We just want the insoles to be in a good condition. good condition and in any case suitable for use by others.

Solecooler will recondition them and offer them to populations exposed to extreme temperatures and unable to afford them, such as children or workers in poor countries.

Return procedure:

* Inform us of your desire for a refund by e-mail to and by filling in our short questionnaire so that we can send you a return label to affix to the original box,

* Please return the insoles, cuttings and linen pouch in their original packaging,

* That the insoles are cut to a size larger than 3.5 US or 2 UK (35 EU) and clean so that they can be offered to people exposed to extreme heat or cold in developing countries.