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Latest news

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CES 2024 in Las Vegas

CES 2024 is over. A look back at this exceptional event, held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 12, 2024, and the opportunity for Solecooler to unveil its latest innovation to the general public. What happens in Vegas needs must be told to you.

Mandalay Bay. A prestigious name and an equally impressive venue which was the scene of CES Unveil on January 7, a day exclusively reserved for the press and open to only a hundred companies presenting a major innovation. The Solecooler team had the opportunity to unveil the brand new product in development: WarnFeet to several hundred journalists from around the world. A battery-free insole, directly connected to the phone and capable of preventing the risk of diabetic foot ulcers. Like our first innovation ClimFeet, WarnFeet uses the energy developed by the footstep to power a low-energy Bluetooth directly connected to the phone. Harvesting is ensured by a network of piezoelectric sensors that also act as pressure sensors and coupled with temperature sensors make it possible to detect sudden changes that could be signs of the occurence of a diabetic foot ulcer or a blister.
Solecooler's success is reflected in dozens of print, audiovisual and TV appearances worldwide.

The Venetian. Just as prestigious, even more impressive. Yes, it's possible. And it was at this mythical venue that the world's tech community gathered from January 9 to 12. Visitors had the opportunity to discover a flying car, a nursing robot and meet the CEO of Walmart. It was also a chance to meet some of the Solecooler team, ready and eager to present the company's innovations. They were able to discover or rediscover ClimFeet, the insole capable of producing cold on one side and heat on the other, without batteries or chemicals, simply powered by the user's movement. Located in the heart of the French tech hub and perfectly equipped, the Solecooler booth allowed our team to meet over 500 contacts, including some of the world's biggest companies, who showed a strong interest in our technologies and expressed a wish to carry out further research for applications inherent to their activities.

A human and professional success for our team, who can only hope to return to Las Vegas for the next CES. And for that, we have a plan...

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What causes cold feet?

Cold feet is an unpleasant and common sensation that can affect many people. Although it may seem trivial, this symptom can sometimes indicate underlying health issues. Beyond cold temperatures, which obviously play a crucial role in the sensation of cold, various causes are responsible for this common problem:

Causes of Cold Feet:

  1. Poor blood circulation:
    • Explanation: Blood circulation plays an essential role in maintaining body heat. If blood has difficulty circulating effectively to the extremities, it can lead to cold feet.
    • Risk factors: Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, smoking, and sedentary lifestyle can contribute to poor blood circulation.
  2. Raynaud's syndrome:
    • Explanation: This syndrome causes a contraction of small blood vessels in the fingers and toes, reducing blood flow to these areas.
    • Trigger factors: Emotional stress, exposure to cold, and certain autoimmune diseases are common triggers of Raynaud's syndrome.
  3. Hypothyroidism:
    • Explanation: Low thyroid function can slow down overall metabolism, including blood circulation to the extremities.
    • Associated symptoms: Fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, and increased sensitivity to cold.
  4. Anemia:
    • Explanation: Iron deficiency can reduce the blood's ability to carry oxygen, resulting in a sensation of cold in the feet.
    • Associated symptoms: Fatigue, paleness, shortness of breath.

Symptoms Related to Cold Feet:

  1. Persistent cold sensation:
    • Description: People with cold feet constantly feel a cold sensation in their feet, even in warm ambient conditions.
  2. Numbness:
    • Description: Numbness may accompany the sensation of cold and is often the result of impaired blood circulation.
  3. Changes in skin color:
    • Description: Bluish or pale skin coloration may indicate poor blood circulation, especially in the case of Raynaud's syndrome.
  4. Pain:
    • Description: Some individuals may experience pain, tingling, or cramps associated with cold feet, especially when trying to warm them.

Cold feet can be a symptom of various medical conditions, ranging from circulatory problems to thyroid disorders. It is crucial to consult a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and avoiding risk factors, it is possible to prevent or effectively manage this issue. Some solutions can also provide comfort to your feet, such as Climfeet insoles, which increase the temperature of your feet by 3.5°C, preventing pain and injuries caused by the cold.
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Climfeet will unveil Warnfeet: The revolution in battery-free preventive insoles at CES 2024

The future of technology and innovation will take on a whole new dimension at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, and Climfeet is proud to announce its participation in this flagship event of the technology industry. This year, Climfeet is not just presenting its first innovation, the insole which provides thermal comfort to its user, but a real revolution: Warnfeet. This revolutionary insole, without a battery, will be able to prevent injuries that could occur to the user via their smartphone in complete safety. WarnFeet is the result of an innovative design and materials, self-powered sensors in an envelope which allows signals to be intensified and all powered by the force of footsteps... A technological tour de force intended for workers, athletes but also for the 540 million diabetics worldwide for whom loss of sensitivity and weakened feet can lead to severe complications.
See you from January 9 to 12, 2024 to discover WarnFeet in preview 👣⚠️
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What solutions to keep your feet cool during high heat periods?

The summer heat waves that we experience are very traumatic for our body and can lead to certain pathologies. To reduce the discomfort associated with high temperatures and limit the harm that this can cause to the body, it is important to start by keeping the extremities of the body cool, especially the feet. Fortunately, there are many simple and effective solutions to refresh your feet and maintain your well-being throughout the summer season.

Tip 1: The refreshing foot bath

One of the easiest and most effective ways to cool your feet is to take a cool foot bath. Fill a container with fresh water and add a few ice cubes, a few drops of peppermint essential oil for an even more refreshing sensation. Dip your feet in the water and relax for about 10-15 minutes. This will help reduce swelling, soothe hot feelings and revitalize your tired feet.

Tip 2: Breathable shoes

The choice of shoes is essential to keep your feet cool. Opt for shoes made from breathable materials such as cotton, linen or mesh. These materials allow air to circulate around your feet, helping to wick away heat and sweat. Make sure your shoes provide good support and enough room for your feet to breathe.

Tip 3: The homemade refreshing spray

Create your own refreshing foot spray by mixing mineral water with a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Lightly mist your feet whenever you need an instant boost.

Tip 4: Wet socks

This trick may seem unusual, but it is very effective in cooling your feet quickly. Soak a pair of thin socks in cold water, wring them out lightly and put them on. Wet socks will provide a cool feeling and help regulate the temperature of your feet.

Tip 5: Breathable socks

Choose natural materials for socks: Cotton or bamboo socks are more breathable and absorb moisture better than synthetic materials. They will keep your feet cooler and drier.

Tip 6: Cold compresses

Cold compresses are a quick way to relieve the heat buildup in your feet. Soak a towel in cold water, wring it out lightly, and wrap your feet for a few minutes. You can repeat this method as many times as needed to maintain freshness.

Tip 7: CLIMFEET insoles

Among the innovative solutions to refresh your feet, CLIMFEET stands out for its advanced technology. These soles produce cold on one side and heat on the other without electricity or batteries, simply by recovering the energy of your steps. You can therefore remain fully active while lowering the temperature of your feet by -3.5° Celsius. An effective and ecological solution to reduce swelling and thus regain the comfort of your feet. Another advantage compared to the tips previously proposed, the duration. Indeed, the use of CLIMFEET insoles is unlimited as long as you are active, therefore when your feet need to be cooled the most.

When temperatures soar, taking care of your feet and keeping them cool is essential for your overall well-being. Traditional tricks like foot baths and cold compresses are great, but innovative solutions like CLIMFEET open up new possibilities for maximum comfort.
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These high-tech insoles promise to cool your sweaty feet while you walk on puffs of air !

In 2018, Bruno Aubert was given a challenge: Design something—anything—to keep his friend’s feet warm while working at a cold-storage warehouse. A materials engineer who had previously built products for the U.S. Navy and NASA, Aubert set out to design soles that would keep his friend’s feet warm with no batteries and no electricity.

Then he realized, if he could warm somebody’s feet, then he could cool them, too. In November 2022, the French company Solecooler was born, and with it came Climfeet—a 79-euro ($87) thermodynamic reversible insole that can warm your feet by up to 4 degrees Celsius (6.3 degrees Fahrenheit) and cool them by 3.5 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Fahrenheit). All you have to do is pick a side, insert it in your shoe, and walk (or run).

Climfeet recently won an ISPO award, which is awarded to particularly innovative, high-performing, or ecological products. With it, Solecooler is targeting athletes who train on wintry terrain or hot surfaces, as well as construction workers and anyone else working in extreme temperatures. The insoles consist of three layers. The outer two are made of silicone and lined with a thin sheet of copper for better thermal conductivity. The middle layer consists of tiny nozzles that will make more sense in a moment.

The insoles come with two distinct sides: the cooling side (in blue) looks like bubble wrap and counts 260 air-filled hemispheres that are soft and easily compressible. The warming side (in brown) resembles a honeycomb wafer, with 260 three-dimensional hexagons that are pretty stiff and can’t really be compressed.

Solecooler CMO Romain Deixonne explains that the hemispheres and the hexagons are linked by tiny nozzles that help move the air from one side to the other. When you step on the sole, the air from the blue hemispheres is compressed into the brown hexagons, creating a localized heating effect. When you lift your foot from the insole, the air expands back into the hemispheres, creating a cooling effect. Wearers only feel the effect corresponding to the side that’s in contact with their feet.

It took the team three years of R&D to develop the design. First, they tried to simulate the effect on a 3D model, but with silicone being so pliable, most 3D models had too many variables for a conclusive result. Then, the team built five separate molds (at about $20,000 each) until they landed on the right configuration. They tested the design in cold weather with 30 athletes. Some ran with regular insoles, some with Climfeet insoles, and others with “placebo insoles.” To help the team quantify the results more objectively, each participant also wore tiny temperature sensors on the soles of their feet.

About 50% of the athletes wearing the Climfeet insoles felt an actual difference, but 50% of them did not. Yet, here’s the pickle: That second group may not have felt the difference, but their temperature sensors did register a change in degrees. According to Deixonne, part of what might explain the discrepancy is that our feet have fewer thermal receptors than the rest of our bodies, and the thermal difference is so gradual it may not always be actively felt by the user.

Solecooler sent me a pair to test, and I found myself squarely in the second category of users who didn’t feel a difference. This past weekend, I tested the insoles in a pair of sneakers, biked somewhere, walked for two consecutive hours, then biked home without ever registering a change of temperature on my feet. When I told Deixonne about my experience, he asked how hot it was that day because the user is more likely to feel the difference in extreme temperatures, he said, and told him it was “only” 75 degrees the day I tried them.

The potential for a heating and cooling insole seems big. With no battery or power to rely on, the insoles are easy to maintain (they’re washable!) and require zero energy to operate. Unlike other options on the market, they don’t have to be recharged, and they can last as long as you keep walking in them. Maybe I picked the one summer day in New York City that wasn’t smothered by a heat wave. Or maybe the differential in temperatures is too subtle for me to feel a marked difference.

Solecooler is currently working on another 3D model with a third-party organization. If this one works, it could help the team improve on the insoles so they would warm your feet not by 4 degrees Celsius but by 10, and cool them not by just 3.5 degrees Celsius but by 9. This kind of difference might be too uncomfortable for ordinary people, but Deixonne says it could make a difference for particular groups, including firefighters, and the military.

I guess for now I’ll stick with my Birkenstocks and try the Climfeet insoles again when the temp soars well above that 75-degree day. And, unfortunately, that shouldn’t be too long.

Published August 9, 2023
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Why do our feet swell when it's hot? Solutions to relieve summer edema.

When summer temperatures rise, many of us may notice that our feet tend to swell. This phenomenon is common and occurs due to a combination of heat and humidity factors. In this article, we will examine why our feet swell in hot weather and discover effective solutions to relieve this annoying swelling.

Before discovering the solutions to reduce the swelling of the feet, it is important to know and understand the origin of this phenomenon. There can therefore be several causes for this summer edema:

Body's reaction to heat:

When the outside temperature rises, our body tends to expand in response to the heat. This includes blood vessels, which become wider to release heat and regulate body temperature. This vasodilation can cause increased blood flow to certain parts of the body, including the feet, which can cause swelling.

Water retention :
Heat can also contribute to increased water retention in the body, a phenomenon often exacerbated by dehydration. When we are dehydrated, our body retains more water to maintain its water balance and some people are more prone to fluid retention, which can lead to swollen feet again.

Prolonged standing position:
In the summer we tend to spend more time outdoors, often standing or walking longer than
usually. Gravity can then cause fluid to build up in the feet and ankles, accentuating the

Rest assured simple solutions, and others more innovative, exist to fight effectively against the swelling of the feet. We have listed 7 solutions below to allow you to fully enjoy your summer without this discomfort.

  1. Hydration:
    The first step to relieving swollen feet is to stay well hydrated. Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day to avoid      dehydration and water retention.

2. Foot elevation:
    When you feel slight swelling, elevate your feet as soon as possible. Lie down and place your feet on a cushion or pillow
    so that they are higher than the level of your heart. This will help reduce fluid buildup in the feet and relieve edema.

3. Cold compress:
    Applying a cold compress to the feet can be effective in reducing swelling and relieving discomfort. Wrap an ice pack or
    ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply it to the swollen areas for 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Avoid tight shoes:
    Wearing shoes that are too tight or that don't leave enough room to move can make swelling worse. Opt for shoes that
    are comfortable and well-fitting, preferably with good ventilation.

5. Foot baths:
    Taking cool foot baths can be soothing and help reduce discomfort. Add a few drops of peppermint or lavender essential
    oil for an extra cooling effect.

6. Moderate physical activity:
    Regular exercise can promote blood circulation, which can help prevent swelling. Opt for low-impact activities, such as
    walking or swimming, to avoid excessive pressure on the feet.

7. CLIMFEET insoles:
    Our company Solecooler is developing an innovative solution that will be a real ally in effectively combating foot swelling
    during hot periods. CLIMFEET insoles produce cold on one side and heat on the other without electricity or batteries,
    simply by recovering the energy of your steps. You can therefore remain fully active while lowering the temperature of
    your feet by -3.5° Celsius. An effective and ecological solution to reduce swelling and thus regain the comfort of your feet.

Swelling of the feet in hot weather is a common problem, but it can be effectively managed by taking some simple steps. By staying hydrated, avoiding excessive heat, and following the solutions mentioned above, you can keep your feet happy and healthy all summer long. If the swelling persists or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms, it is essential to consult a medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Ready to conquer the Grand To Grand with the support of Solecooler: Nathalie and Michel Gourdin, accompanied by Adam Lemiere, are ready to shine!

A daring team for a grand adventure:

Solecooler, a brand synonymous with innovation and commitment to a greener world, is supporting a strong team to take on the Grand To Grand, one of the most prestigious ultra-marathons in the world. The dynamic duo, Nathalie and Michel Gourdin, recognized for their passion for extreme sports, join forces with Adam Lemiere, an accomplished athlete recognized in the world of running and ultra-triathlon. Together, they form a team that perfectly embodies the spirit of self-transcendence and adventure.

The Grand To Grand: A challenge worthy of the CLIMFEET insoles:

The Grand To Grand Ultra is much more than a simple race, it is an extraordinary human adventure. This ultramarathon event takes participants through breathtaking Utah landscapes, ranging from majestic canyons to unforgiving deserts, over a distance of nearly 275 kilometers. Competitors will have to face extreme conditions, from scorching temperatures to freezing nights, taking with them all their necessary equipment for their survival.

Solecooler: A "Beyond the pain" partnership:

Supported by Solecooler, the "Beyond the Pain" team made up of Nathalie (#907), Michel (#906) and Adam (#908) will be keen to uphold the values ​​that are dear to them: respect for nature, passion for adventure and the desire to push your limits. Their participation in the Grand To Grand Ultra 2023 represents much more than a simple competition; it's a real gift of self for the Solidarité Défense association, which comes to the aid of the wounded in the armed forces.

An adventure to follow:

Follow the epic of Nathalie, Michel and Adam during the next Grand To Grand. Stay connected on social networks to live with them every step of this incredible adventure with the support of Solecooler.
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CLIMFEET in Designboom

Climfeet by SoleCooler regulate feet’s temperature

Climfeet, the reversible shoe insoles by SoleCooler, automatically adjusts to the feet’s temperature and wards off heat or cold using copper and air-filled cushion cells that resemble honeycombs and bubble wraps. The reversible insoles made of silicone and copper are triggered by the pressure of the footsteps and without the use of any batteries, making them eco-friendly and free from a carbon footprint.

For Climfeet, SoleCooler relies on thermodynamics, a branch of science that deals with heat and energy transfer. Its patent uses the principles of the Carnot cycle, which is commonly used in air conditioners to cool down the air, but instead of using harmful chemicals as a coolant, Climfeet uses air as the fluid. When the user walks or runs, their feet naturally heat up the air-infused cushion cells of the insoles, and the material cools itself down as soon as it feels the change in temperature. 

Reversible insoles with airtight cells

The reversible insoles Climfeet by SoleCooler have airtight cells on one side that are not easily compressible, and low-compression cells on the other side, connected by a nozzle (a small, conical hole). When the user steps on the insole, the pressure from their foot compresses the air in the airtight cells, causing it to heat up naturally. To differentiate the temperature mode, the red insoles with a honeycomb pattern heat up the feet while the blue insoles with a circular matrix cool them down.

Once the foot is lifted, the compressed air is released through the nozzle, and as it expands, it cools down naturally. This is similar to what happens when a tire is deflated, and the air coming out is cooler while the tire is warm. By using this process, SoleCooler’s reversible insoles regulate the temperature of the feet without the need for batteries or harmful coolants for all-season walking, running, or jogging.

Solecooler adds copper to climfeet to speed up heat

SoleCooler states that while it has carried out testing where about 80% of athletes in cold weather felt the insoles warming their feet after a short time, there is still a chance that some people might not feel the warmth of Climfeet right away. The company states that it might be best to use the reversible insoles for at least an hour to feel the effect and adds that their technology works best in very hot or very cold temperatures because of how it uses energy from the user’s steps.

Climfeet is hypoallergenic, except if the user is allergic to silicone or copper. The latter is added to the reversible insoles because it makes them transfer heat better, as SoleCooler claims. Climfeet looks flexible as well as spongy, thanks to its 260 air-filled cells that absorb shock well. It also seems that they can fit almost any shoe size as SoleCooler sends over a whole pad that the user can easily cut with scissors to match their shoe size. Climfeet is also washable with soap, water, or alcohol for regular cleaning.

Published July 17, 2023
Matthew Burgos | designboom 

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Your most frequently asked questions !

Do your insoles lose a shoe size : should I plan for an extra size ?

Our insoles are 6 mm thick and therefore if you are used to having tight shoes, then yes it would be better to provide shoes with a size larger. You can also remove the original insole if it is not glued.

Are your insoles suitable for alpine skiing ?

Unfortunately not: our insoles need to be compressed by about 2 to 3 mm, but generally alpine ski boots are adjusted so that the foot cannot move.

On the other hand, for ski touring or snowshoeing, our insoles are completely compatible.

Do your insoles really produce heat or coolness regardless of the outside temperature ?

Our CLIMFEET insoles do produce warmth and coolness in all weather conditions, but they are most effective when the outside temperatures are very high or very low.
Indeed, the compression during impacts of the feet on the ground produces irreversibly, as in any thermodynamic machine, a little part of heat.
Thus, if the outside temperature is around 20 to 30 ° C, you may not feel anything.


Does everyone feel the thermal effects ?

During trials in the mountains in sub-zero temperatures, 80% of the 16 top athletes who tested our CLIMFEET insoles felt a thermal effect after just a few minutes.


Are your insoles comfortable ?

Our CLIMFEET insoles feature nearly 260 air-filled cells that act as air cushions that absorb every impact of the feet on the ground.
They are therefore very comfortable and absorb shocks much more efficiently and evenly than insoles which only have a few cells.
During the tests in the mountains in negative temperatures, the 16 top athletes even preferred the comfort of our insoles.

I don't feel the heat, is this normal ?

Indeed, during our tests with professional athletes in winter in the snow, about 20% of people, at least at the beginning, did not feel the heat produced by our insoles despite an effective temperature rise of more than 3 ° C, confirmed by temperature probes.
This could be due to blood circulation problems beyond your control which prevent you from feeling a difference of 3 ° C.
We still recommend that you continue to use them for at least an hour because you should feel thermal well-being.
However, in the event of dissatisfaction, we offer a full refund.

Please send the insoles back to us, even cut, because they will be offered to people exposed to extreme temperatures and who cannot afford them.

What is your delivery policy ?

We ship worldwide by mail (about 1 week) or express (Fedex) depending on your choice.

How long between my order and shipment ?

It takes about 3 days.

Is it difficult to cut the soles ?

No, a pair of scissors is enough. Our material cuts effortlessly.

What happens if I make a mistake on cutting (refund, send a new pair) ?

We recommend that you provide a slightly wider cut so that you can make patches easily. If you cut too small, it won’t really affect performance because there are enough cells to ensure proper operation.
If you really make a big cut-out error, we can send you a second pair (shipping costs at your expense).

I’m a professional, do you accept big orders ?

You can order us up to 100 pairs without delay. Beyond that, please contact us.

Can I use these insoles alone or socks are recommended ?

Our material is hypoallergenic except for people who are allergic to silicone and/or copper.

Why are you adding copper ?

Copper allows us to improve thermal transfers.

Are you working on new products in the future ?

We will be offering gloves and training mats by the end of the year.

How to clean, wash the insoles ?

Our products can be washed easily with soap and water. You can also use alcohol.

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The heated insole thanks to the energy of your steps !!

A heating insole and a cooling insole for whom ?

Professional or amateur athletes, workers in cold storages, building & public workers as well as soldiers or firefighters and animals are often exposed to extreme conditions throughout the day or more. The feet are the parts most exposed to cold or hot because in direct contact with the ground. Putting CLIMFEET in your shoes will allow you to better regulate their temperatures.
Only a thermoregulation device that uses the energy of your own steps can help you keeping your feet warm or cool without any time limitation (as long as you walk or run).

For workers

Protect your feet from freezing or burning floors all the day, or more...

For sportmen and sportwomen

Practice your favorite sport without discomfort vs cold/heatvweather...

For animals

Protect your 4-legged companion’s pads from extreme weather conditions.

The difference with heated insoles and electric heated socks?

Climfeet recovers the mechanical energy of your footsteps and transforms it directly into heat on one side and cold on the other side unlike electric heated insoles or electric heated socks which only heat and use a battery that it need to be recharged often.

Simply insert the CLIMFEET insoles with the hot side in contact with your foot if you need to protect yourself from the cold and the other side (reversing left/right) if you need to protect yourself from the hot.  
CLIMFEET insoles are thin enough (less than 6 mm) to generally allow them to be inserted into your shoes without having to remove the original insoles.

The founder

Bruno Aubert is the CEO and CTO of Solecooler (France). He is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle and has been an innovation expert for 38 years. After developing new waste treatment processes in the nuclear industry for 13 years, he created Occigerm (France) in 1996 to industrialize an innovative disinfection process for medical waste which he sold around the world (US Navy, Hitachi Medical, French Navy, etc.). He then consulted large groups such as Bekaert (Belgium) to develop a bio-aerosol filtration process in hospitals, and co-founded EM Research Lab (USA) to develop a process for extracting metals (heavy, precious, etc.) without effluents.
In 2006 he created Cairpol to industrialize a new miniature air pollution sensor that is widely used worldwide (USA, Mexico, Chile, Korea, Japan, etc.) for monitoring, in autonomous and wireless networks, sensitive sites of waste treatment centres (Véolia, Suez, Degremont, NASA, EPA, Total, etc.).
In 2019, he created Solecooler (France) to develop a thermo-regulated insole with the only mechanical energy of our own steps and therefore without carbon footprint.

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Introducing the brand-new Solecooler website: A redesigned interface for an enhanced user experience

We are delighted to introduce the brand-new Solecooler website, which reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering a superior user experience. With a fresh design and an improved user interface, the new site boasts enhanced features, reduced loading times, and bolstered security.

The intuitive design of our website allows for smooth navigation. Upon landing on our home page, you are greeted with a sleek design and simplified features that guide you throughout your journey.

One of the highlights of our site is our technology page, which showcases our revolutionary product: Climfeet. This innovative insole, capable of cooling or warming the foot without using a battery, harnesses the natural force of the foot while walking. The technology page details the workings of our insoles Climfeet, illustrating the science behind our patented technology and emphasizing how this innovation is at the forefront of eco-design.

To facilitate access to our product, we have also set up a dedicated page for purchasing Climfeet. Here, you can obtain all details about the product, the packaging, delivery, and much more. The ordering process has been made as straightforward and fluid as possible, with reduced loading times for a pleasant and stress-free shopping experience.

Moreover, we understand the importance of staying informed about the latest news and updates on our products. That's why we have included a news page that presents all the latest information about the company Solecooler and the insoles Climfeet. Additionally, our contact page has been designed to make communication with our dedicated customer service team easy. We are here to answer all your questions or concerns.

In terms of security, we have stepped up our measures to ensure the protection of your personal data. Our website now employs cutting-edge technology to guarantee that all transactions and personal information are fully secured.
Thereby, in the event of data theft, they will be automatically encrypted and will become unusable for the malware.

Our goal at Solecooler is to provide an exceptional user experience, and the launch of our new website is a significant stride towards achieving this objective. We are eager for you to enjoy our improvements and are confident that you will appreciate the enhanced experience we've worked so hard to create.

We invite you to explore our new site and discover for yourself what the new Solecooler has to offer.

The Solecooler team.
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Big winner of the French Tech train, this start-up invented the insole of the future.

Romain Deixonne's final pitch in the amphitheater of the "Toulouse Business School" in front of a jury of investors did not leave much hope for the 9 other finalists. The start-ups from Montpellier, Toulouse, Béziers and Perpignan still in contention on arrival in Barcelona had a hard time fighting against the product offered by this Perpignan start-up. A product "without electronics" and which the jury quickly elected as the innovation that could not escape the French Tech grand prize. So what is "Solecooler"? And what is Climfeet, this innovation that won the Palme d'Or from French Tech Perpignan? It is the marketing manager of this start-up born in 2019 and incubated since by the Impact incubator at Tecnosud who necessarily speaks about it best since it is the one who won the pitch competition, all categories combined.

"It's a great reward to have this prize, but it's above all incredible to see how our solution has been noticed in recent months around the world," said Romain Deixonne on Wednesday evening. Nothing surprising there. Because the idea and the project developed by the creator of "Solecooler", Bruno Aubert, were born to change the world of the shoe insole. A real breakthrough innovation. "What we have created after two years of research is the first thermo-regulated silicone insole, i.e. thanks to the mechanical movement of walking, the insole either heats the temperature of the foot at plus 3.5 degrees or cooling it to minus 4 degrees", says Romain.

US Army Interested

Marketed since the end of 2022, more than 2000 pairs of Climfeet insoles have been produced. The Perpignan start-up was the guest at the start of 2023 at the Consumer electronic show (CES) in Las Vegas. A sacred recognition. After winning the gold medal in the Lépine competition this year, the start-up won two international trophies this week alone, one in Munich and the second, Wednesday evening in Barcelona. Not bad for a Tecnosud start-up. Suez, Geodis, to name only these big companies are interested in this innovative sole. And even the US military. A "success story" was born. Thank you French Tech Perpignan

Published on 06/08/2023
Martial Mehr